Healthcare Connectivity With Arizona Roots

Helia Care brings a unique blend of healthcare and technology domain expertise to
healthcare focused digital solutions.

Healthcare Connectivity With Arizona Roots

Helia Care brings a unique blend of healthcare and technology domain expertise to healthcare focused digital solutions.

What We Do

Helia Connect® is the healthcare industry’s first end-to-end digital transaction management (DTM) platform for healthcare facilities and suppliers.  The Helia Connect® DTM connects, automates, and provides seamless real-time digital transaction processes to remove costly errors, accelerate case-to-invoice transactions and shorten cash and revenue cycles.  Leveraging the power of the secure, confidential and HIPAA-compliant cloud-based Helia Connect® DTM healthcare organizations are able to increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs, improve clinical processes and deliver an exceptional experience to their partners. 

Connectivity that matters.  The Helia Connect® DTM is designed for simple, smart and efficient cloud-based deployment.  Utilizing the one-to-many connection model Helia Connect® can seamlessly integrate into legacy systems including OMS, WMS, ERP, EHR and EMR technologies facilitating enhanced lean-process efficiencies and increased data accuracy.

Our Story

The medical device and supply chain industries have experienced exponential growth over the last decade, but they are quickly requiring a level of connectivity, speed, and precision around real-time contracting and case-to-invoice transaction decision making that the market and traditional approaches can’t deliver.

With deep domain expertise in medical device, healthcare case-to-invoice transactions, and SaaS technology, our Helia Care leadership team is dedicated to bring the highest level of healthcare expertise to digital health solutions and development. Under their leadership Helia Care is changing the way healthcare facilities and suppliers connect, collaborate, and transact.

Smart • Human • Connected: The Helia Connect® DTM

By digitizing the entire contracting and case-to-invoice processes, the Helia Connect® DTM platform ensures a smart, accurate, real-time end-to-end transaction experience. Our goal is to build the industry’s largest and fastest growing digital transaction management platform that every healthcare facility uses to connect to every healthcare supplier for a seamless and efficient transaction experience.

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