Transform your medical
implant and supply
procurement process

Helia Connect™ automates and streamlines manual workflows, eliminating loss variation and human error – saving you up to 10% of your medical implant and supply spend.

Quick & easy contracting

Our patent-pending matching process simplifies negotiations and contracting so you can quickly and easily establish connections with the right people.

Real-time access in surgery

Ensure implant contracts are 100% compliant before, during, and after surgery. Only approved items and pricing are accessible. Real-time exception handling provides the flexibility your surgeons and suppliers need while eliminating unapproved non-contracted implants and supplies.

Fast & accurate invoicing

Helia Connect™ automates the revenue cycle. Our single requisition form eliminates the need for separate delivery orders, purchase orders, and invoicing documents. The information is sent in real-time to the right people for approval. Plus, our patent-pending matching system verifies and highlights unexpected implant and supply use to prevent additional, unknown charges.

With 100% contract compliance, contract audit, and mismatching errors are eliminated, information can be extracted for payers in any form you need.

Real-time data & analytics

By automating processes, Helia Connect™ gives you insight and access to your data immediately. Dashboards are tailored to put the information you need at your fingertips and allow you to immediately access what is important to you – within seconds.

Helia Connect™ is designed to help you achieve more

Streamlined processes

Reduce time and cost associated with each event in your procurement process and revenue cycle via automation.

100% accurate data

See 100% accurate real-time procurement data and 100% supplier contract compliance with real-time reporting.

Immediate Savings

See an immediate cost savings of up to 10% of your total facility or network implant and supply spend.

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