Deliver value beyond your product – build a true partnership with your facilities

Deliver value beyond your product – build a true partnership with your facilities


Helia Connect™ changes everything. By automating manual processes, providing real-time analytics, and connecting you to healthcare facilities, Helia Connect™ dramatically reduces your revenue cycle, decreases DOS, and improves asset management.

Quick & easy contracting

Quickly and easily find and connect to the right person with our patent-pending matching process that simplifies negotiations and contracting.

Easily introduce new products

Quickly introduce your new products to the right people, get them on contract, and adopted faster than ever before.

Update products & pricing

Easily update your existing product catalog and pricing with your partner facilities with the simple push of a button.

Real-time access in surgery

Instantly scan or input your products used into a branded electronic requisition form and get the required signatures immediately to ensure requisitions are completed and submitted the day of surgery. Drive better asset management through capturing and reporting your requisition data in real-time.

Immediate requisitions

By streamlining your revenue cycle and eliminating the need for separate Delivery Order, Purchase Order, and Invoice documents, you see a reduction in DOS and more accurate forecasting.

Access to real-time data

You have immediate access and insight to your medical implant and supply analytics and data. Helia Connect™ provides you with the information for real-time asset management and sales forecasting.

Helia Connect™ is designed to help you achieve more

Streamlined processes

Reduce DOS and shorten revenue cycles through automation.

100% accurate data

See 100% accurate real-time asset management and sales data.

Incredible savings

See up to 80% of financing costs saved by shortening your revenue cycle.

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